Best Leather Wallets For Men 2018

Just like women, there are a variety of different gift ideas that you can buy for men. Whether you’re buying a gift for him, or for her, the shopping process can be stressful and hard. So, we’ve decided to help you shop for that special guy in your life by giving you a list of our top 10 wallets which always makes the perfect present at Christmas, for an Anniversary, Birthday and other occasions where you get someone a gift. 

We have searched through hundreds of different products, read through thousands of reviews and choose our favourites which we believe will definitely create the perfect present for that special someone. 

In our top 10, you’re going to see a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes of wallets which are made in different materials meaning there is definitely something to suit everyone in this list. All wallets are stylish, convenient and durable enough to keep your important belongings safe and secure while you’re out and about. 

We’ll start off our list with a lightweight and small canvas wallet.

Our Top 10 List

Rank Product Name Image Check Prices
Rank Product Name Image Check Prices
#1 Cork Styled Wallet For Men Without Any Leather
#2 Coface Men’s Canvas Leather Wallet Small Bifold Card Holder With ID Window
#3 Ultra Slim Mini Size Card Case Wallet With RFID Blocking
#4 Caesar Cuir Genuine Leather Wallet With A Luxury Gift Box Packaging
#5 Men’s Wallet With Genuine Cowhide Leather And Gift Boxed
#6 ES Traders Bifold Card Classic Retro Leather Wallet For Men
#7 Hopsooken Men’s Vintage Leather Bifold Wallet
#8 Shanshui Vintage Premium Leather Silm Billfold Wallet
#9 Rallegra Genuine Soft Nappa Leather Classic Wallet
#10 Zonman Leisure Canvas Foldable Pocket Wallet
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  • £1 - £10
  • £10 - £20
  • £20 - £30

Hopsooken Men’s Vintage Leather Bifold Wallet

Our Rating

Very high quality, wear resistant and durable wallet which is definitely perfect for keeping all your belongings safe and secure while you’re out and about. The classic styled wallet has an incredible nine slot holders for everything you need, these include three slip-in pockets, one ID window for your ID, driving license or a photo and two bill compartments so this wallet holds everything you need while you’re on the move. Its ultra slim design which opens like a trifold wallet is the perfect design for easily accessing your cards and documents. You can keep your personal belongings safe and secure while getting rid of the large and bulky wallet problem. There are a variety of different colours for you to choose from. It is made to be a strong, sturdy and durable wallet which doesn’t easily break or wear during uses. It is small enough to carry around without it being uncomfortable and large enough for all your belongings.

Key Features

  • RFID security blocking system
  • Nine different compartments
  • The classic styled wallet opens in a triford way for easy access

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Ultra Slim Mini Size Card Case Wallet With RFID Blocking

Our Rating

We believe it is definitely beneficial to have an ultra slim wallet that will easily fit in your pockets and won’t be too big or bulky. There is no large compartments for unfolded money notes, but they fit perfectly into the small inside compartment. Inside the wallet, you will find two card holders and an ID window so you can easily show it off if you need to or use it for a picture, train tickets, etc. It is made from durable premium synthetic leather making it eco-friendly and it can be purchased in different colours such as black, brown, coffee, purple, dark blue and more. For added security, the wallet features an RFID blocking protects you from any data crimes. The dimensions of the product is 0.2 x 7.1 x 0.5 cm making it small enough to carry around easily and the fact it is only 18g makes it light enough for you to not even notice it’s in your pocket. If you’re looking for something that can easily hold your cards without carrying a bulky wallet weighing you down. We also know this top ten is wallets for men, but the colourful options can also work for women who want a break from carry around that bulky bag and purse.

Key Features

  • The handy ID window for easy access to your ID card
  • Durable, strong and sturdy leather
  • A variety of different colours gives you a chance to choose a wallet to suit you

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Coface Men’s Canvas Leather Wallet Small Bifold Card Holder With ID Window

Our Rating

This small, colourful and lightweight wallet measures at 4.3 x 3.4 x 0.5 inches meaning you can put your wallet in your pocket with ease. The wallet weighs 1.75 ounces making this wallet one of the lightest and smallest wallets you can get, but despite the size, you’re able to fit in all your cards and personal belongings. The wallet is made from a mixture of canvas and leather, the outside is made with resisting encrypted canvas makes the outside wear resistant, while the inside is made with premium PU leather with polyester lining. The canvas wallet is made with 100% premium materials and strong stitching to keep the wallet together, long lasting and gives you a great performance. A retro designed wallet stands out from different type of wallets and it features three credit card slots, two bill compartments, two inner utility pockets and one photo / ID window for easy access. Multi-coloured options are gray, blue and black, the wallet is soft to the touch, fashionable, simple and durable.

Key Features

  • Small and lightweight but it has enough room for all your personal belongings
  • The strong stitching keeps the wallet strong and durable
  • A variety of different pockets to give you enough room for everything

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Zonman Leisure Canvas Foldable Pocket Wallet

Our Rating

A wallet that combines leisure and design into one, we guarantee that this wallet won't go out of fashion and people will be using it for years to come. The wallet is made from sturdy canvas material with a mixture of high quality and durable PU leather, it is incredible reliable and convenient for daily use. With a variety of different compartments that allow you to keep everything in that you need in a safe and organised way, this wallet makes gives you easy access to your belongings. There are two ID windows in case you need them and one photograph window to keep a picture safely in your wallet. There are two kind of colours with this wallet, navy green / khaki as well as two different kind of styles available. This wallet will definitely make the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.

Key Features

  • The inside of the wallet is coloured orange for added style
  • There is maximum durability and strength
  • Made with canvas material and high quality PU leather

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Rallegra Genuine Soft Nappa Leather Classic Wallet

Our Rating

A small pocket sized RFID security protected leather wallet has an incredible 12 main compartments. There are three additional pockets which can be used for different receipts or notes which then brings the total amount of compartments up to 15. With enough compartments to hold all your credit cards, a large compartment for your notes, a window pocket for any ID, pictures, driving licence etc and more. There is definitely more than enough room to fit in everything you need. The wallet is handmade and designed to be strong, sturdy and made to last through uses without any wear and tears.  The genuine nappa leather is soft, fine and give the wallet a classic and stylish look. The appearance of the wallet is a black on the outside for the traditional wallet look where as the inside is bright orange, this is perfect for anyone who wants to add a twist to their wallet. It is only 9.2 x 11.5 x 2cm meaning you can easily carry it around and comfortably fit it in your pockets.

Key Features

  • The incredible fifteen compartments for all your personal belongings
  • A unique style with the traditional black outside and an orange inside
  • Durable, tough and strong nappa leather

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Shanshui Vintage Premium Leather Silm Billfold Wallet

Our Rating

Made from the strongest form of leather, this cowhide leather made wallet will give you the most out of your use due to non-wearing, durable and long lasting material. The appearance of the wallet is shiny and stylish. To prevent any thieves that might be around, there is an added RFID which blocks ant signals and prevents the contents of your wallet being scanned. The added REID blocking definitely benefits you in the long run and will offer you the ultimate security and privacy. This slim designed wallet has a maximum of nine different compartments which includes one large compartment for your money and documents, six card holders and two smaller compartments behind the card holders for any small notes you might need to keep. The size of the wallet is only 10 x 9.5 x 1.5cm meaning it can comfortably fit into any pocket securely, and we guarantee you won’t even notice it due to how lightweight it is. It comes in a small box which makes it presentable to anyone special on any occasions.

Key Features

  • Ultimate protection with the RFID blocking
  • Nine different interior compartments
  • Durable, sturdy and a stylish vintage look

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ES Traders Bifold Card Classic Retro Leather Wallet For Men

Our Rating

A soft yet durable leather wallet that features a variety of different compartments so you can keep everything you need neat and secure. The wallet has seven card holders so you can take as many or as little cards as you need, or you can use them for any train tickets, notes etc. There is a large main compartment for you to keep all of your money notes or any documents in as well as a button compartment for any loose change and a slot with a zip for any valuables. This stylish wallet is slim, lightweight and gets rid of the bulky issue. It folds nicely so it can easily fit into your pockets without being uncomfortable. The dimensions of the wallet is 13.5 x 10.5 cm, making it a handy size.

Key Features

  • The large amount of wallet compartments for everything you need
  • A handy pocket for all your coins
  • Lightweight and slim

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Men’s Wallet With Genuine Cowhide Leather And Gift Boxed

Our Rating

A wallet which keeps all your personal essentials neat and tidy in a useful and convenient wallet. The material of the wallet is precious Italian cowhide leather which gives it a nice and smooth texture and makes it really soft to the touch. This compact wallet features two pockets for all your notes, two hidden slots for any credit or business cards you may need as well as one clear window slot for your ID or a photo of your choice as well as two slots for sim or SD cards. This is a basic wallet design with a vintage style that gets rid of the bulky feature and slides perfectly into your pocket comfortably. If you’re giving this wallet to someone as a gift, then the gorgeous and appealing gift box will allow you to present it in a meaningful manner.

Key Features

  • Unbreakable and sturdy genuine cowhide leather
  • The set includes the lensun wallet, a luxury box and a fabric dust bag
  • There are different coloured wallets, dark brown, brown or coffee

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Caesar Cuir Genuine Leather Wallet With A Luxury Gift Box Packaging

Our Rating

A wallet that i made with genuine nappa leather for inner compartments and hunter leather for the outside. There is extremely strong fine stitching which gives you the wallet which increases the wallets durability and lifespan. The wallet features a top layer of cowhide which is the strongest material of them all for protecting your wallet from damage. We guarantee you will get the most out of this wallet due to the wallet being so strong and high quality, it is also stylish

, compact and convenient which makes it an easy way to carry your personal essentials safely and securely. With this wallet, you will have the ultimate protection with RFID blocking which protects you against electronic pickpocketing where people can hack you through materials. This slim and classic wallet is compact and has the dimensions of 10.5 x 9.5 x 1cm which contains two main money note compartments which holds your money, receipts, notes or anything else you need it for. There are also eight card slots for all your cards and two multipurpose sideslip slots which can be used for a variety of different things. Put an end to all those bulky and large wallets.

Key Features

  • The variety of different compartments for everything you need without the wallet being bulky
  • Genuine cowhide leather for ultimate protection and durability
  • RFID identity and data protection

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Cork Styled Wallet For Men Without Any Leather

Our Rating

A unique wallet that is made from strong and durable cork. The slim design makes it perfect for anyone who wants to travel because it doesn’t take up loads of room and it has the perfect amount of compartments for everything you need. As well as the wallet being high quality, made to be strong, it’s sturdy, durable and the natural materials make it long lasting. So, you know it will survive throughout different travel conditions. Due to the fact this wallet isn’t made from any leather and just all natural products, it makes the wallet eco friendly and vegan approved. Despite the wallet being made out of real cork, it is soft, silky and very comfortable to use. The wallet is available in six different colours from black, blue, light brown, dark brown, red and a striped zebra design. For security, there is added RFID protection to keep your card details safe while they’re in your wallet. It’s only a small 4.6 x 3.7 x 0.6 inches, meaning you can easily carry it around in your pockets with ease. 

Key Features

  • Ultimate protection with RFID blocking protection
  • An added coin pocket to keep your loose change safe
  • Durable and sturdy natural cork

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Leather Wallets For Men

If you're looking for a wallet, there are so many different shapes and styles so we understand that searching through hundreds of wallets can be stressful and hard work, which is why we took the stress out of wallet shopping. Our top 10 features a variety of different styles because we wanted to make sure we choose products that suit everyone. Whether your partner, husband, or whoever you're buying for prefers a leather wallet or a canvas wallet, hopefully there is something in this list that will put a smile on their face.

Couples Corner only choose the best products out of hundreds to give you the best quality, most stylish and a product that will give you the best protection. We hope we've given you some ideas and you'll be able to buy the best valued wallet. 

All of the wallets we have mentioned serve a great purpose and give you the most out of your wallet experience for years to come. 

What Wallet Is Best For Me?

There are a variety of different things to consider when you're looking to buy a wallet, so we've decided to create you a list of factors to consider before you buy one. 

The Wallet Material:

Leather - This is one of the most popular materials that wallets are made out of, it is strong, durable and makes wallets long lasting. It help prevents wear and tear as well as keeping everything in your wallet secure. It makes it look classy, stylish and keeps gives it a soft touch. 

Synthetic - Another popular material for a wallet. This can either look like a leather wallet or a cotton wallet design. These are also made to be strong and sturdy. 

Different Wallet Styles

Billfold wallets are the traditional and more basic designs. 

Bi-Fold - This is just the classic wallet which involves two equal sides with compartments for all your essentials. 

Tri-Fold - A wallet that features 2 sides which overlap a central part, so you have 3 sides to keep all your belongings in. 

Slim Wallets

This is an extremely popular type of wallet. This type of wallet is designed with one thing in mind, making it fit in your pockets. A slim wallet is designed to get rid of the old bulky wallets and give you a wallet to carry around easily, put it comfortably in your pocket and you don't have to worry about a huge bump in your jeans. 

Long Wallet

The main benefit to having a long wallet is the fact you can place any notes, bills, documents or important belongings you might need to take with you, but you don't want to fold them or ruin them. 

Whichever wallet type you choose, they will definitely benefit you as well as keep all your personal belongings safe and secure. 

Why Is A Wallet A Perfect Gift For Men?

Getting a wallet for someone might not seem like much, but it is actually is an extremely beneficial gift which gets used daily and a long lasting gift. 

A wallets primary use is to organise money, keep it safe and secure. Without a wallet, money is kept in pockets which is unsafe, especially if you need any bank cards or documents. So getting a wallet for a gift will definitely benefit the person you're buying it for. It also gives them easy access to all their personal belongings. 

Receiving a wallet is classed as good luck, if you get a wallet as a gift with money inside of it, it's because it is a symbol of good luck. Which makes it a more meaningful present for anyone. 

A wallet can reflect on a man's personality, due to the fact it shows that they are organised and want to keep their personal belongings safe. Giving them a responsible look and appearance. 

How To Choose The Right Wallet

There are three main things to look for when you're buying a wallet, these are:

Flat / Folded Notes

If you find a wallet that has a large compartment, this will allow you to put your notes and documents in without folding them so this will save up space and stops your wallet being bulky. 

The Number Of Cards

You need to think about the number of cards you need to carry around, it's important to make sure that you buy a wallet that isn't too big for you and will make it bulky. Buying a wallet with minimal space is more beneficial. 

Material Thickness Matters

Not only does the interior matter when it comes to having a bulky wallet, but the material also counts. You need to find a wallet that will be slim before and after you put your essentials in. 

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